Gallery wall service


Gallery Wall Service

To help you get a clear idea of your style, we’ll personally curate new and existing art pieces to create your unique gallery wall at home. By combining overlooked items with treasured possessions and photographs, we produce amazing results, using everything from grandparents’ love letters to African headdresses and wall hangings, bleached antlers, wire cactuses, and vinyl record collections. Throughout the process we will keep you informed by sharing layouts and proposed designs with you. Sometimes it takes time to source the right piece, sometimes we already have it in stock. However, we guarantee the wait will be worthwhile. A gallery wall is a statement of individuality that definitely needs celebrating with a glass of champagne. 

Contact us to find out more about our gallery wall service – gift vouchers available.


The Family Photo EdiT

In the comfort of your own home we'll sit with you and go through all the photographs that you love. We'll check them for light, size and aesthetic qualities. Then we'll help you choose a combination of images that work together. Once everyone's happy we'll get them printed at a professional imaging company. This is the foundation for a fantastic family wall. We'll then find the perfect space to make your family wall come to life. Framing and hanging – leave that to us. A celebratory glass of champagne at the end is a must.

Contact us to find out more our family photo edit service – gift vouchers available.


The Family Portrait DaY

Time passes so quickly, so why not capture the ones you love with a family portrait day. We use top London photographers and stylists to make your photographs turn out fabulous. We'll mange the whole process for you even down to making sure everyone's hair is neat and tidy! We also provide a champagne breakfast, we see it as a way of getting you relaxed and ready for the camera. Now that's a gift to remember. 

Contact us to find out more about our family portrait days – gift vouchers available.


Personal Shopping

Struggling with colour palettes? Not sure how to find the perfect vintage portrait? Longing for that perfect turquoise ceramic vase? You can book a Blank White Space buddy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our creative founder is also more than happy to help.

Contact us to find out more about personal shopping for your home.


Rug Sourcing

Discover a world of inspiration. With a passion for travel we source wonderful rugs from around the world. From Moroccan textured rugs and Portuguese cotton runners to Indian silk rugs made from recycled sari silk and luminous wool. We can find you a rug that fills a room with joy.

Take a peak in our "off the wall section" or contact us to find out more about our rug sourcing service.


Book Walls

Not only will we install your book wall, we'll help you fill it with the most talked about design and art books. Now that's impressive. 

Contact us to find out more about our book wall service.

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