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Jules, our Creative Founder, has a dream of bringing together art and wellbeing under one roof.

Jules believes that if you make your living space beautiful and surround yourself with art, you’ll feel happier. 

As well as a art sourcing service, Blank White Space offers masterclasses so you can learn to hang art like a pro. Book “The Art of Wall” masterclass and you’ll gain the skills and confidence to transform your walls.

Jules also teaches “The Art of Mindfulness” so once you have a beautiful piece of art you can appreciate it fully and enjoy

Blank White Space champions the home and the planet. We donate regularly to two charities, Crisis Homelessness and Swaziland Orphanage.




We are a bespoke private curation and art advisory service designed to inspire you to make the most of the wall space within your home. 

Whether it is an elegant hallway, a bare wall above your sofa or an empty box room, Blank White Space will help transform any area of your home into a personal showcase of your individual style and creativity.

In the comfort of your own home we can advise you on anything from choosing the right art pieces to helping you frame pictures of your loved ones. We will also help curate your existing items so that they are displayed to their greatest effect. Our unique home art consultancy service helps you every step of the way. 

By getting to know you, we’ll make sure we create walls you love. We also can help with carefully selected vintage paintings, prints and photography.




To help you get a clear idea of your style, we’ll personally curate new and existing art pieces. By combining overlooked items with treasured possessions, we produce amazing results, using everything from grandparents’ love letters to African headdresses and wall hangings, bleached antlers, wire cactuses, and vinyl record collections. 

Only by living with art and seeing it in the space for which it is destined, do you begin to get a feel for what’s right. Our bespoke service allows you to create a statement based on your own style, alongside the practical expertise of our team. 

We are committed to bringing you the perfect combination of objects, photographs and art to your space. As well as holding a large stock of existing pieces we also seek out new items from many different sources. 

Throughout the process we will keep you informed by sharing layouts and proposed designs with you. Sometimes it takes time to source the right piece. However, we guarantee the wait will be worthwhile.

Request our Rate Card: jules@blankwhitespace.co.uk 




Office walls, retail spaces and outdoor walls need careful consideration too. After working in advertising for many years our Creative Founder then Creative Director Jules Doyle was often tasked with the office space. 

“Jules you’re the most stylish and artistic person in the building. I think we should liven up our wall space to inspire our young creative people and clients.”
James Ramsden, Executive Creative Director, Coley Porter Bell.

Clients include Lloyds Bank, The National Grid, All Response Media and Huntswood. Blank White Space commissioned Paul Stuart the talented portrait photographer for Huntswood. We photographed every member of the company and created a warm and friendly atmosphere with a cold corporate environment. 

Back at our studios we can design a journey of surprise and delight through a whole building. Throughout the process we will keep you informed by sharing layouts and proposed designs with you. After all we believe that the office environment should inspire people in their everyday. 

Request our Rate Card: jules@blankwhitespace.co.uk 



Online Art Gallery

Jules was a Creative director in advertising with over 25 years of experience in design and layout and a huge passion for art and space. The combination of all three lead her to set up Blank White Space. Jules has her own print range as well as sourcing products from Paris, Porto and Hudson.

We have a team of designers, photographers, artists, and handymen as well as being very connected in the art world to make sure your walls as beautiful as a work of art itself.

"We had an absolute hoot with all the staff creating a dynamic portrait wall at Huntswood HQ, Jules’ vision and creativity made for impactful design and a very very happy client."
Paul Stuart, Photographer

“I’m bowled over by the creativity and talent. It has truly transformed my home.”
Charles Stead, Writer