I Wear my Heart on my Walls

David_Bowie_Ltd_Edition - Gallery Wall

I set up blank white space because I wanted to do something I was passionate about. I loved my job in advertising, don’t get me wrong. But it was always a job rather than a way of life. I made some great friends and had some outrageous nights out. I never fell in love with a single one of my ad’s. I was always in love with my walls. 

Every single piece in my home captures a moment or memory. It’s always fun snooping around other peoples houses. If I had my way I’d have look around Tilda Swinton’s house in Narin Scotland. 

Let's start with lounge gallery wall. The David Bowie print is from the album Hunky Dory it was bought for me by an ex-boyfriend, a fun-loving conga player. Mounted in a floating box frame. The day David Bowie died I was away on holiday, I desperately wanted to come home to sit and look at my print. 

The feather headdress I bought when I was shooting a commercial in Swaziland. The trip was one of the highlights of my career. I met the most beautiful people and saw the most vibrant colours. The headdresses will be stocked in our collection soon. I love adding texture to a wall. 

The Bob Dylan quote was given to me by a dear friend who loves typography and the nude I purchased at The Affordable Art Fair. The artist is Clare Grossman mixes print and paint. The lounge gallery wall has an inky blue palette so it fits perfectly.

That year at the AFF Oreo and I met two basset hounds called Freya and Hawaii. I’m now obsessed with getting a standard poodle and naming him Hawaii. Although I’m not sure I can handle two poodles and two teenagers!


While shooting in Swaziland I was given weekends off. I spent time in Joburg at the Four Seasons overlooking the zoo. Although it sounds like fun, eating with clients, golf buggies and chauffeurs were not doing much for my figure! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I love to walk. 

One weekend we were given a bonus. It may sound glamorous but we worked, I mean really worked. Eighteen-hour days catching the light. I was exhausted, missing home and overweight!

A driver took us to a gallery. I had the head of the African bank in the car, she told me to be "very quick" You didn’t mess with Ama. I walked straight into the gallery and pointed at my favorite piece on the wall. It was immediately wrapped and shipped back to the UK. I didn’t know the name of the artist. I was too scared to stop and look. 

The piece is called Spot by Maja Maljevic she was born in Belgrade and moved to Joberg. I found an article in Elle Decoration SA and had a peak around her studio. I absolutely love this piece and it reminds me of the beautiful people I met in Africa and the fun we had.

Well as I said, I wear my heart on my walls and so far we’ve covered the gallery wall in the lounge and one piece of wall art in the bedroom.

I think we’ll have to do this as a series, otherwise, you’ll be reading this all night! I dare you to go into our collection and buy the first painting or print you see. Maybe it’s the new way to buy art.

In part two I'll feature antlers and the book wall and maybe chat about an Eine piece I got in Brick Lane.

Have a lovely evening.