It all started with a Poodle Doodle

Gallery Wall Art

Happy New Year. I hope you had a fantastic time with your loved ones. In 2018 we'll be bringing you updates and inspiration in our new magazine. From wall space tips, artist interviews, gallery reviews and much much more. 

We'll also keep you informed of our resident poodle movements. Oreo's a dreamy black miniature named after the biscuit. Adored by everyone he meets, he looks like a scribble. Or a bowl of squid ink linguine. He's already dog of the week on Pedlars vintage, a big woof at home that day!

As an advertising creative, I've spent years sitting in meetings scribbling. I have doodling phases. Cacti, mushrooms and pineapples feature heavily at the moment. 

There are some amazing doodle artists. One of my favourites is Jesuso Ortiz. I also know that Damian Hurst and Warhol explored the medium with great success. There's a doodle app and a national doodle day. I also happen to know if you doodle neat intricate stars it suggests optimism. 

After visiting a friend's new house in North London I realised that wall space can be somewhat daunting. My friend threw her arms in the air "I just don't know what to do! I don't know how to fill up the space". To someone inspired by images, art, texture, typography and colour everyday it came as a surprise. I spent the day coming up with ideas to suit her style. We drank tea and I created her layouts first, for her to ponder on.

Gallery Wall Art

That night I went home and put my doodling skills to use. I came up with the name Blank White Space. I scribbled it in my notebook and popped it by the side of my bed with a doddle of a poodle added for good measure. I wanted to inspire people to turn their homes into galleries. Bringing style, taste and individuality to their wall space. The combination of art and interiors was so exciting.

So you could say that Blank White Space started with a poodle doodle. 

P.S. Jesuso's beautiful flamingo prints are in the collection.