January Blues...


Now my life is calm and stable, I don’t get the January blues. Therapy, a mindfulness course, yoga and caffeine free living did the trick. Life used to be a rollercoaster, out Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night and even Sunday night then sliding into miserable Monday. Now, I can talk passionately from a place of calm about my kind of January blues. (It's taken 47 years and a good few thousand pounds to get to this place of stability. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the wild days, but I’m glad they are over)

My January blues are more about dreaming of the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech and the next time I might feel warm. The gardens were owned by Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé. It’s a special shade of bold cobalt blue, inspired by the coloured tiles seen around Marrakech. The combination of the blue buildings and the tall green cacti provoke serious emotion. The gardens make me want to stroll around the place in a full-length YSL dress (if I owned one) talking about art and mindfulness with my friends Rosie and Lucy who would be looking incredibly glamorous too.


There are two other people I know that are also obsessed with colour. One is blonde bubbly art director with fabulous hair, also called Rosie. She once said “You know the kind of really deep rich lavender colour? The one deep down inside the base of the petal” Maybe we could get her to write a description of all her favourite colours. It would make your heart melt.

The other is Kassia St Clair, she’s not a friend (yet). She is the author of The Secret Lives of Colour. Her book tells the unusual stories of 75 fascinating shades and hues across fashion and politics, art and war. I had a flick through her book and found eight shades of blue. Ultramarine, Cobalt, Indigo, Prussian Blue, Egyptian Blue, Woad, Electric Blue and Cerulean.


You see when you look at a colour in detail it’s not just a "blue". It has a depth, a texture, it comes in various tones and shades. Green blue, inky black blue, grey-blue. I could go on. If you mindfully study colour it’s one of the most beautiful journeys you can take. So before you fall into the January blues have a think about what kind of blue it might be. I guarantee if you think more about the colour blue than January you will have a far more fulfilling experience.

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PS The image at the top is by Blu a street artist that lives in Milan.