I Wear my Heart on my Walls - Part Two


In my last blog we got as far as a piece on the lounge gallery wall and one on my bedroom. So let's finish off the lounge. I have a beautiful book wall that I adore. The thing about book walls is that you can change them every month, every week, every day, if you've got the energy. They are great for people with commitment issues and they hardly make any holes in the walls.

Centre stage is a black and white photograph of me holding Louis as a baby. We were in Napier, New Zealand, and Louis was six months old. In my naivety, I thought I could travel to the other side of the world with a small baby. Hence, Woody has never made it down-under. I love this photo, I look so happy and relaxed. Relaxing is something I struggle with since I've had the boys. Maybe it's a reminder to enjoy the small moments. 

Also on my book wall... I've got a Yves Klein book that I bought in Paris. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I'm obsessed with colour. I was born in 1971 so the bright orange 'Never a Dull Moment' book looks great on there. I really must read it someday! 

The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portraits Award Book has a piece in it by Paul Stuart, Portrait Photographer, the only man I'll let take my photograph. That guy really knows how to shoot, nice person, too. I have a plastic toy red rooster in a perspex box frame. I made it when Louis was little "Louister the Rooster". I love it and it cost nothing to make. As I'm writing I realise there is nothing of Woody on this book wall, I need to address this pretty damn quick!

The final piece on my book wall I'd like to mention (otherwise we'll be here all night again!) is a ladybird book called "We go to the gallery".  A guy I dated bought it me for Christmas. I thought it was strange when he bought me gifts on our second date. He bought me a few other fabulous books and a Jo Malone candle, not to forget a meal at my favourite restaurant Moro. It was only when he walked off into the distance at the end of the night that I realised he had a very large Jo Malone bag with him. That one was for his wife. I still giggle when I look at it to this day. We never made it to date three.

Above my book wall is a pair of Scottish antlers from the online store Papa Stour.  I have a thing about Scottish products. I met a stylist in Edinburgh once who showed me some beautiful Scottish brands. Her name was Laura and she was going to open a boutique hotel in a monastery she was restoring on one of the isles. She is someone I wish I had kept in touch with, she had a lovely smile. 

John_Derain - Wall_Art

The last corner of my lounge has my paradise plant and the two stunning John Derian plates on the wall. It's a special place in my flat. I have fond memories of the boys and I travelling around America. We had a whole month away and I can honestly say the boys were amazing travel buddies. We really connected on that trip, no school, no timetable, just the three of us enjoying each others’ company and exploring the world. I'm so glad we did that together. And, well, John Derian Company East Village, words cannot suffice. I love New York City and I love my boys. They were happy days. 

So that's the lounge covered, oh no, one more! The ‘Silence’ picture above the sofa by Bianca Hall. It is a glittered script font. ‘Silence is something that's really important to me. I don't have a TV, sometimes I have Radio 4 on but since Brexit, I struggle with the news. So I sit and work in silence, I love it. 

If you have anything you love on your walls we'd love to hear about it. If you don't have anything on your walls yet, think about what you love it's a good place to start. Next up is the rest of the bedroom and the bathroom. 

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