Love Tokens - La Rousse Illustration

Shrew_Illustration - wall-art

Making illustrations for a loved one is my favourite type of commission. Often they’re animal themed. Recently a gardener asked for a Pine Marten for his beau. 

I’ve also had: squirrels, koalas, Brown bears, lambs, swans, a fox, cat, dog, otter and deer among many other animal love creatures. 

Here is an illustration I made for my husband who calls himself ‘The Shrew; Lion of the Hedgerow’ when he’s in a bad mood. Shrews are known for their irritable natures and it’s their indigestible bitter gallbladder you often tread on in the morning if you own a cat and they’ve caught a shrew and spat it out. 

Illustration_LaRousse - Gallery_Wall

St. Valentine is patron saint of love but also of: those who faint, epileptics, beekeepers, those with the plague. 

These illustrations are often commissioned for birthdays or anniversaries and act as framed year-round Valentines cards.


We believe not just in Valentines but you can love everyday of the week. We're so glad Annabel has joined us. And we'll think you'll love her pieces in the collection.