Pucci with the Ice Cream


First things first, it was our first birthday yesterday. A big thank you to all our followers and new clients that have shown so much love and support for our independent brand. It has been extremely hard work and a labour of love but with nearly 5k followers, and numerous gallery walls under our belt I can honestly say it was worth every minute and more. 

When you find your passion it's truly amazing how warm and receptive people are. They tell me about their own wall art, what images they like, how they love my wall art and what they struggle with. Every conversation is thrilling. Old friends come out the woodwork. I have inspired many of my creative friends to get going and finish that bare hallway or be bold in their boring box room. 

When a dear friend got in touch from New Zealand to tell me what she had put in her hallway I knew I had to feature her in our magazine. Cara and I worked together at Ogilvy London. You know kiwis they get about a bit. Be careful though, you fall in love with them and then they go back. They return to beautiful landscapes, light, and great coffee. The annoying bit is I can't afford three flights to go and have a nose around Cara's stunning house in Wellington. 

I have been to NZ, Louis was 6 months old. I was out of my tiny mind thinking that would go well. Sleep patterns, oh boy! The thing I like the most about NZ is not the mountains and clean air (that's nice obviously). I have a deeper connection with NZ. I think people have an amazing natural sensitivity to them that is pretty special or is that just Cara? Some of the art is beautiful and I love the naturalness of the products. 

Over the years Cara has introduced me things that I love the feel of. Mou Boots are divine and Christine Cathie's glass sculptures are just beautiful. Black Barn in Hawkes Bay, well, that's next level. I haven’t had an ice cream in NZ lately but I bet it’s natural and organic and soft and creamy…..

I can't work out whether the softness to these brands is a NZ thing or a Cara thing. Cara is a kind, sensitive, deep thinker. Just how I like them. Maybe it's her edit on the world? We will have to ask her. 

When she said she had two pieces of wall art to show me I knew they would be special. They are so special that I'm taking a deep breath while I write this. We don’t want tears.

The first piece is by Peter Davidson an artist with slurred speech that Cara met in a cafe in Melbourne. Peter was wearing a mustard linen suit and a bow tie. After their meeting, Cara went to the gallery that represents him and was so moved by his story, that she bought a piece of his artwork. Untitled #113, 2011-12 felt tip pen on paper is below. 


The second piece is a Limited Edition Pucci Silk Scarf in the image at the top of the page (now breath again). It was her Mums best scarf that she wore in Rome in the 70's when they lived there as a family. Her Mum who has passed away sadly, only wore it on special occasions. The Pucci Limited Edition 'Martini & Rossi' Silk Scarf Circa 1975 now lives in the hallway and is seen every day reminding Cara of her Mum. 

Cara has a beautiful way about her. Hopefully Sylvie her gorgeous daughter has inherited her sensitive soul. Their house in Wellington has an infinity lawn that drops to the sea. We are managing to maintain a long distance relationship but it is not the same having her here. Last week we went to the German Gymnasium in King Cross together for dinner, it's the first time I've seen her in two years. 


Cara choose Joe Maclays “Swedish Wildwood” from our collection and we’re hoping she will show us a picture when it’s in pride of place.

If you'd like a consultation about bringing objects out of your draws and onto your walls contact us today. It's free of charge within London.