It's no secret, Santa is coming to town


My first boyfriend was a graphic designer with exquisite taste, he used to hand make the packaging for each and every single one of my beautiful Christmas presents. Every gift was well considered and really thoughtful. He was my first love. The only problem was his font family came first. Today he is one of the most awarded Executive Creative Directors in London. I’m so proud of him, he is a extremely talented and special guy. 

I'm not saying we need to go to these extreme lengths and start designing packaging for our loved ones, but a little thought goes a long way at Christmas. You can't really buy a piece of art or a beautiful print without thinking about it. It's the perfect gift for someone special and not only that it makes you look pretty damn cool. 

If you are choosing wall art for someone this Christmas think about the colours that person likes, think about pieces they already have and take note of a space where it could hang. Here are our top five tips for buying art for a loved one this Christmas: 

1 Take your time 

2 Buy for their taste, not yours 

3 Set a budget 

4 Size really does matter 

5 Think about the style of their home


I’m posting this early because buying a piece of art or a print is a considerate gift, it’s something that person will keep forever and means so much more than a pair of socks or a dressing gown. (Although saying that, I have got my eye on a fabulous tangerine coloured velvet silk gown in the store Toast). Talking of tangerine Daniel Higgins Sunday Oranges and Clementines (oil on canvas) are both in our Christmas collection they are perfect for a family member or a foodie. 

We don’t live in an ideal world so if you don’t manage to follow the steps above and you are a guy in a panic looking for the perfect gift this Christmas our Love More or Five Gold Rings prints are every girl's dream. And if you’re a girl looking for a guy one of our Typography Prints or a Vintage Piece would do the trick. And if you can’t decide Art Gift Vouchers might do the trick. 


And after all that, If you are still struggling for ideas we are happy to help just drop us a mail.