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January Blues...

Now my life is calm and stable. I don’t get the January blues. Therapy, a mindfulness course and caffeine free living did the trick. Life used to be a rollercoaster, out Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night and even Sunday night then sliding into miserable Monday. Now I can talk passionately and from a place of calm about my kind of January blues. (It's taken 47 years and a good few thousand pounds to get to this place of stability, don’t get me wrong. I loved the wild days but I’m glad they are over)

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Party Party, please stop…

I’ve had a fair few wild nights out in my time, and most of them I’d like to forget. The seriously wild ones I can’t even bear to even re-live in my mind.

I might be persuaded to talk about the time I woke up at 7 am on the grass verge near my house with my sunglasses on fully dressed with a handbag and laptop over each arm. (It must have been summer) When the sun came up, I sat bolt upright. No, no, stop, it’s not working, it’s making me panic, I’d need a stiff drink to finish that story.

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It's no secret, Santa is coming to town

My first boyfriend was a graphic designer with exquisite taste, he used to hand make the packaging for each and every single one of my beautiful Christmas presents. Every gift was well considered and really thoughtful He was my first love. The only problem was his font family came first. Today he is one of the most awarded Executive Creative Directors in London. I’m so proud of him, he is a extremely talented and special guy. 

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