You've been framed


Some people have a shoe addiction I have a framing habit. I'd frame the boys if they stood still long enough. The guys at Ray’s Frames in Hackney smile when they “see me coming” (that is at least three times a day).

So with my habit in mind, I thought it would be helpful to come up with some small space living ideas for Christmas. If you can’t fit a tree in your lounge, we are talking to you. London, NYC and Paris, (how glam) or if you just want a less cluttered Christmas, keep on reading. 

When the boys were little I framed their cashmere hand knitted jumpers and soft shoes. I frame a dress on my goddaughters birthday every year, she’s nine and we plan to keep on going until she’s eighteen. I have even framed a passport photo and a plastic cockerel. 

On a more serious note framing is more important that you can ever imagine. Never underestimate the power of a good quality frame. It can make or break a piece of art. It should be thought about with as time and consideration as the wall art itself. 

If you go to a gallery or Frieze Art spend some time looking at the wall colours and frames it helps you start to understand the depth of thinking that goes into making a piece of wall art shine. 

With that in mind, I have got two fabulous Christmas tree alternatives. One for slick minimal spaces and another for more traditional period properties.

Let's start with the period properties, buy a selection of beautiful coloured silk ribbons then cut the ribbons into different lengths starting with the longest at the bottom and the shortest at the top. You are creating your very own colourful Christmas tree. Guess what you do next? You frame it and put it on the wall. 


A vintage frame would frame your ribbon tree nicely, car boot sales and charity shops are good places to get your vintage frame collection going. No pine needles, no mess and you will be ok getting six rolls of ribbon into the car and up the stairs. 

The slick minimalist is the same approach but using colourful perspex. On a white wall, this looks specular, mounted in a clear box frame even better. I love perspex box frames they can be quite hard to get hold of, Ikea has some and there is a specialist framing place in Finsbury Park if anyone wants to really go to town. 


So there we have it two small space alternative Christmas tree ideas. Lastly (maybe) who says baubles have to hang on the tree? Frame a bauble. Does this sound normal? Or have I lost my marbles? 

I'm just off to check Ray’s Frames opening hours over the festive season. I'll give them Christmas Day but Boxing Day I’m back at ya Ray or Ben his son. 

If anyone wants to learn more about wall art and framing come to one of our masterclasses. They are really good fun and you’ll learn to hang art like a pro. And finally our last framing date is 10th December and for unframed pieces 18th December. 

Alternatively you could always pop Annabel Pearls “Five Gold Rings” on the wall have a look in our Christmas Collection.