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Kittens on YouTube

With Frieze Art Fair hitting London this week I thought I'd write a piece on talking about art. Deep breaths, it can be a tricky subject to master even if you're a creative type. Surprisingly I'm not threatened by intellectual people, in fact, quite the opposite, I'm absolutely fascinated by them. I always want to find out how their minds work, what they think and what I can learn. Because of this I have ended up with a lot of 'boffins' as friends as guess what, I bloody love it. 

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Street Art - "Yeah Man"

Street Art started in New York in the 1960's and peaked in the 80's with the subway train murals in the Bronx. Graffiti, urban art, spray paint graffiti, guerrilla art whatever you want to call it, has moved away from the being an act of vandalism to a way of bringing beauty and messages to the world. It's perfectly acceptable and pretty cool to have street art in your home.

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