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I Wear my Heart on my Walls - Part Three

Things are getting hot and steamy in the bathroom so hold on tight. Hanging wall art in there can be pretty tricky, to be honest. If you ask your local framers (I know mine all to well - poor guy) you can get glass that stops the steam affecting your precious prints and artwork. It's a bit more costly but well worth it. Then you can relax in a bubble bath knowing your pieces won't ripple. 

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At the flicks - Axelle Young

I fell into upholstery quite by accident and then I fell in love with it.  Not a big surprise for anybody who knows me! I've always had a fetish for chairs and a soft spot for theatre chairs. Anything from another era, that begs to be restored to their former beauty.  I just love vintage. Between the internet, flea markets or just wondering the streets with an eagle eye for discarded furniture, I have found quite a few pieces to restore and reupholster.

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Walk and Talk by Daniel Higgins

I have always painted since I was about 14, it used to be my Friday night entertainment before I was old enough to go out on the town. I grew up in Dorset, in the country and by the sea, tramping over old hill forts listening to theVelvet Underground on a walkman, wandering along the seashore and looking for old books and records in junk shops and eventually went to Chelsea art school to study fine art.

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